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 Probe Master® Products

As an Authorized Probe Master distributor, we can supply any Probe Master test probe or test lead that you desire.

The Gold Probe

Basic Kit


Interchangeable tips (.030" & .055" dia.)

Oscilloscope Probe  4900 Series

Model 4901-2 Shown $44
Switchable 1X, REF, 10X
  • 7 Piece Kit
  • Low Resistance Gold Contacts
  • Switchable Readout Actuator Option available
  The Gold Probe

Deluxe Kit


Interchangeable tips (.030" & .055" dia.)

Oscilloscope probe  Deluxe Kit

Model 4901-2K Shown $70
Switchable 1X, REF, 10X
  • 18 Piece Kit
  • Black Vinyl 3 Fold Pouch
  • Low Resistance Gold Contacts
  • Switchable Readout Actuator Option available


Oscilloscope probes 3900 series

Model 3901-2 Shown  $35
  • Rugged Fixed Tip (.55" dia.)
  • Switchable 1X, REF, 10X
  • 100 MHz

Now Probe Master offers a rugged, heavy duty oscilloscope probe at low prices. This probe features a snap-on rotating ground lead, and a heavy duty fixed tip. The switchable model allows for quick finger tip change between 1X, 10X and reference ground. The probe body is made of high impact ABS. Soft molded strain reliefs at all stress points assure long cable life. In short it has been designed to offer you high performance coupled with high quality at a low cost. Accessories include Sprung Hook, 6" Ground Lead and Trimmer Tool.


8000 Series  Test Leads

Gold Tips &
  • Sharp gold plated points
  • Silicone leads, burn resistant
  • Soft, comfortable hand grips
  • Conforms to the shape of your hand
  • Screw on accessories
  • 48" Long, 18 GA
  • 1000 Volts, 10 Amp rated


Test lead

Softie Series
Model 8043S Shown


10 Piece Kit $23.90
Set of 2 Leads $11.90

The "SOFTIE™" by Probe Master lets you say "goodbye" to hand fatigue and finger calluses. A soft probe that bends 90 degrees or more. A probe that conforms to the shape of your hand. This soft flexible probe bends gently to reduce wear and breakage of the lead. Many combinations are possible with the "screw on" accessories shown above. The 48" long, 18GA. test leads, are made of top quality silicone.

Kits and Lead Sets Available
  Banana Plug Safety Banana Plug Banana Plug Safety Banana Jack 90 deg. Safety Banana Plug 90 deg. Safety Banana Jack 90 deg. Male Safety Banana Jack
Banana Plug Safety Banana Plug Stackable
Banana Plug
Safety Banana Jack
90 deg.
Banana Plug
90 deg. Female Safety
Banana Jack
90 deg. Male Safety
Standard Size
Banana Plug
Kits 8026S
Leads Only 8010S


Precision Testing of Surface Mount
and High Density Circuits

Spring Loaded 
Tips & Contacts

  • All Tips 23K Gold

  • Soft Comfortable Handle

  • Silicone Wire 48" Long

  • 1000 Volts Rated



SMD Probe
8150 Kit Shown 
Includes: Probes & 2 of each  tips shown below

Kits  Includes:
8ea  Spring Loaded Tips
2ea  Standard Rigid Tips

Micro-Tip Kits

8150 Micro Probe Kit, with Rt. Angle Plug (shown on the left) and 10 Tips


8151 Micro Probe Kit- with Retractable Plug and 10 Tips


8160 10 Replacement Tips(2 of ea) 8161,8162,8163,8164,8165


8161 Needle Tip .013"
Spring Type


8162 Needle Tip .040"
Spring Type


8163 Cluster Tip .020"
Spring Type


8164 Cluster Tip .040"
Spring Type


8165 Rigid Tip .045"
Stainless Steel-Gold Plated


Micro-Tip Leads 
8163- Cluster Tips Included

8152 Micro Probe Leads, with Rt. Angle



Micro Probe Leads, with Retractable Plug 



9100 Series Accessories

Gold Contacts & Connectors

Test Lead Test Lead  Right Angle Test lead Right Angle
Test Lead
Retractable Banana Plugs
both ends
Test Lead
Retractable Banana Plug to Safety Rt. Angle Banana Plug
Test Lead
Retractable Banana Plug to Rt. Angle Banana plug
9151-0 Black


9152-0 Black


9150-0 Black


9151-2 Red 


9152-2 Red


9150-2 Red


*std. colors: -0 Black, -2 Red



Retractable Shroud—Lead Kits
May be Used With 9100 Series Accessories

Test Leads Retractable

5-Piece Lead Kit
9120S-24 24" Lead Kit


9121S-36 36" Lead Kit


9122S-48 48" Lead Kit



Optional Plug-on Accessories
Use with 9100 series or Standard Retractable Banana Plugs





Alligator Clip, 1" Opening PM9157 Alligator Clip




Alligator Clip, 1/4" Opening PM9158 Alligator Clip




Alligator Probe PM9173 Alligator Probe




Piercing Probe PM9174 Piercing Probe


Testwave offers the complete line of Probe Master products, please call or eMail us with your requirements. To place an order, call (United States of America): 775-356-8378, or eMail: help@testwave.com

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